Road Legal Buggies and Off Road Buggies have been around for a few years now but most people still don't know they exist, until they see one. Unfortunately as in any new and up and coming buggies market many people got caught out with buying the cheap Chinese Buggies and Quad bikes from the Garage or Bike shop down the road, whose interest was only to make a quick buck out of the punter without any backup or support!

Luckily "Lancaster Off Road Ltd" came across Dualways who are ranked as one of the Best importers of Quality Quad Bikes, ATV, & Off Road Buggys in the UK.

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Mudrocks Trail Blazer.  (ages 8-10+)
6.5hp   1,499.

Mudrocks GT50.  (ages 5-6+)

5.5hp  999










The Quality of our ATV's (all Terrain Vehicle) have improved significantly over the last decade that we now offer a real 12 months Warranty on Buggies and 24 months on Quads.

We say real Warranty as we get 3 to 4 phone calls a day from people who have bought a Quad Bike or Buggy off EBay or the Garage down the road that now does not work. Most of these are cheap copies of Our Machines, and because they bought them cheap (surprise surprise!) they didn't last long and you can't get spares for them either.

You might ask: "What about the known brands, like Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, & the good old Honda?" Well, they don't make Buggies and are 4 times the price to do the same thing.

In our Qualified and time tested opinion

You cannot get better value for money than our carefully selected of ATV'S.