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On Road Buggies is one of the Norths leading Road Legal Buggies, Off Road Buggy, Quad Bike and 

ATV Quadzilla Agent for Sales, Service and Repairs.

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We have a varied product range to suit ages from 3 to 100+!!

We offer you advise and tips based on facts that we have found ourselves by trial and error. Check below for details.



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We have a number of reasons why to choose us as your reliable Buggy/ATV contact as follows:


After 4 years with Quadzilla we have stopped dealing with all other manufactures and importers as they have not provided the ongoing product development, support and back up that Quadzilla have sustained.


I am sure you are aware that there is a frenzy of activity regarding on road and off road ATV'S sweeping the UK especially Quads. There is many cheap buggies available, which I also fell victim to buying.

Understand that the frenzy is from the demand and therefore the opportunity to make a quick buck exists. This is not conducive to customer support and more importantly the ability to supply spares .

So you bought cheap but how cheap is it if its in your garage and you can't use it!

Most of our prices are competitvly priced when you consider our quality, remember quality is less expensive and more enjoyable in the long run. However, I give you a challenge come and test drive our machines and prove to yourself there is not another safe, EC approved, Road Legal Buggie that is on the DVLA secure registration scheme and sold by the manufacture as road legal in the UK to touch us for the price.

If you have any questions or would like to have a
don't hesitate to change your life!!! by contacting us on 07957 165435.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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